Meet our people

At 29Metals our people are at the heart of our success. If you’re thinking of applying for a role, you might like to hear from some of our team about what it’s like to work with us.


Process Operator
Joshua has been a process operator for more than three years, joining the Golden Grove team just under a year ago. He works a two-week on and two-week off roster.

"What I enjoy most about working for 29Metals is that each day is different and the satisfaction I get from solving problems when they arise.

Golden Grove also offers plenty of after work activities onsite that you can enjoy with your teammates.
It is easily the best work/life balance roster I have done. Having the two weeks at home allows me time to get stuck into projects around the house and spend quality time with my family."


Paste Plant Supervisor
Lyle has worked at Capricorn Copper since May 2021 as a contractor operating the Paste Plant and progressing to Paste Plant Supervisor. He joined the 29Metals team in March 2022 when operation of the Paste Plant was moved ’in-house’.

"I work a two-week on and two-week off roster and am loving it. I don’t think I could do any other roster now. It gives you the best work/life balance you can ask for and you can practically have a holiday every break (if you’re not renovating a house like myself). It gives you so much time with your family and friends. I also enjoy coming back to work after my break as the people here are amazing and the company has been great to work for.

Capricorn Copper camp has a relaxed feel about it and I look forward to jumping in the kayak after work a couple of times a swing and going for a paddle on the lake to wind down.
Being the Paste Plant Supervisor, I have the pleasure of managing the operation and maintenance of the plant and keeping it running to its maximum potential. I might be biased but I get to work with a great team in the best part of the site."


Mine Superintendent
Lauren is Mine Superintendent at our Capricorn Copper operation in Queensland. She joined the 29Metals team in 2017 and works an 11/10 roster.

“My role as Mine Superintendent gives me exposure to many different areas on a day-to-day basis as part of a lean Technical Services team. Broadly, I have regular input into underground operational management, technical design, mine scheduling planning and compliance, project planning and execution and problem solving for operational issues.

Working in fly-in fly-out (FIFO) mining has allowed me to work in some of the most remote places in the country, while being able to remain living where I choose. The rosters have also meant I’ve worked half of every year for the last 12 years, offering me a life that is well balanced between work and home.”


Personal Assistant to the
General Manger Operations
Jade has worked for Capricorn Copper for five years and is based in Brisbane, Queensland.

“Three weeks a month I work from home, and one week a month I’m based on site. Returning to work after having my child was always the goal and Capricorn Copper worked with me closely to accommodate this unique roster and job role to suit that lifestyle.

I run the administration function for the site, providing assistance to the senior leadership team and co-ordinating with the other administrators and the finance team.
My favourite aspect of my role is working with people across the entire site. I’ve been lucky enough to call Capricorn Copper my second home for five years and it’s the interactions with all on site that keeps me here.
I’ve watched the business change and grow over this time and am lucky to have been here through that evolution. It makes me proud to work for such a supportive and diverse company.”


Site Medic
Keith has worked as a medic in the Health and Safety team at Capricorn Copper for four years. He is a registered nurse and has 30 years’ experience in medical, including as an ambulance paramedic.

“My role on site is varied and interesting. It encompasses all aspects of employee care, from medical assessments, simple first aid, treating cold and flu… right through to emergency response, invasive procedures and mental-health related sessions.

The job is rewarding on many levels. It’s fulfilling, engaging and challenging. On top of the assistance I provide to our team here on site, I also have the opportunity to work with the wider mining community. I have found it to be a very close community of individuals who come together as a supportive team, and who are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainable future of Capricorn Copper and 29Metals.
I am currently working on a 15/13 roster, which allows me to enjoy hobbies outside of work such as the gym, fishing and gardening, as well as giving me time to focus on my golf… where a lot of practice is needed.”


Principal Mining Engineer
Nyasha is a mining engineer based in our Perth office. He’s been with 29Metals since shortly after the company listed in 2021.

“I work five days a week from the Perth office, with scheduled monthly site visits. I also have the option to work from home. It fits perfectly with my work and life balance as I can be home with my family most nights.

In the past I’ve worked across several commodities both in Australia and internationally and my current role allows me to make the most of my technical and operational mining experience.
It's great to work with such a supportive senior management team. They have created a strong, conducive work environment for the 29Metals team.”


Accounts Payable Officer
Keren is based in 29Metals’ Brisbane office and manages the accounts for Capricorn Copper and 29Metals. She’s been with the company over six years.

“I enjoy working with, and helping, a wide variety of people across the operation and in the office.

I generally work five days a week, though if the team at site need help, I might work over the weekend. I start early in the morning, which gives me flexibility to finish early in the afternoon.”

Luka Thorpe

Luka has worked at 29Metals since shortly after the company listed in 2021. Prior to joining, Luka participated in an internship with EMR Capital, the specialist resource private equity fund that established 29Metals.

"In my time at 29Metals I’ve participated in a variety of development opportunities. The company invests in their people and fosters individual growth.

It’s a really exciting industry to be involved in. 29Metals make a meaningful contribution by producing copper and other metals required for the clean energy transition. It’s both challenging and rewarding and I think that’s what makes the industry so great.”