Corporate governance

Ultimate responsibility for 29Metals’ corporate governance, strategy and oversight of Management’s implementation and execution of that strategy on behalf of shareholders, rests with the Board of Directors.

29Metals’ Board has established a robust corporate governance framework for the management of the company’s business and activities. This framework includes systems, controls and processes safeguarding against misconduct, and for identifying, evaluating and managing risk.
Three standing Board Committees assist the Board to discharge its responsibilities:
Responsibility for the day-to-day management of 29Metals is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer ('CEO') and, through the CEO, to Senior Management.

29Metals Governance Framework

29metals governance framework


Annual corporate governance statement

The annual Corporate Governance Statement details 29Metals’ approach to corporate governance during the reporting period, including the role of Board, Board Committees and Management, 29Metals’ culture, financial reporting and disclosure, shareholder engagement, risk management, and remuneration practices for Directors and executives.
The statement outlines the extent to which 29Metals has adopted the corporate governance principles and recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council (4th edition).

Board and Committees

Speak Up

We encourage concerns to be raised about misconduct, malpractice, irregularities or any other behaviour that is corrupt, illegal or inconsistent with any of our Values or policies, including our Code of Conduct, without the person raising the concern being subject to detrimental treatment.

Whistleblower reports can be made via our third-party service
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