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Safe and Inclusive Workplace

Safe and inclusive workplace

29Metals is committed to:

  • providing a healthy and safe workplace for employees, contractors and business partners, minimising incidents and accidents, and eliminating serious injuries and illnesses
  • promoting a diverse workplace that better reflects the community in which we conduct our business, by:
    -          fostering a workplace which encourages and supports inclusivity and diversity, and does not tolerate bias or inappropriate behaviour
    -          promoting a workplace environment that provides the opportunity for all workplace participants to perform and succeed.

Download 29Metals' Health and Safety Policy

Our priorities for 2022

Key priorities for 29Metals in the core dimension Safe and Inclusive Workplace include:

  • Continuing focus on eliminating serious injuries through updated critical control framework and verification
  • Establish workforce-led inclusion and diversity working group. First meeting of this working group held in March this year
  • Investigation of barriers to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, and developing an action plan
  • Renewed focus on reducing incidence of minor injuries
  • Improve detailed demographic data collection and analysis
  • Continued workforce engagement and feedback loops, building on the successful 2021 workplace health survey

Inclusion and diversity objectives and targets

29Metals set the following inclusion and diversity objectives and targets for the 12 months to 31 March 2023:

Gender diversity on the Board of Directors:

  • Maintain no less than 30% representation of each gender on the Board

Improve female participation in 29Metals’ workforce:

  • Year-on-year increase in the percentage of female employees as a proportion of total employees

Increase transparency of gender diversity performance:

  • Commence Workplace Gender Equality Agency reporting, including completion of gender pay-gap analysis

Increase engagement with the 29Metals workforce regarding inclusion and diversity matters:

  • Establish a Diversity Working Group with representation from across the workforce, to provide advice and recommendations regarding workplace inclusion and diversity improvement opportunities and strategies

Identify barriers to inclusion and diversity in 29Metals workplaces:

  • Conduct a whole of workforce survey to identify issues and opportunities for inclusion and diversity improvement
  • Develop a gap analysis and action plan based on the results

Improve understanding of current diversity across 29Metals’ workforce:

  • Establish a clear baseline understanding of the Company’s workforce (employees and contractors) diversity to inform future actions and objectives

Improve cultural awareness:

  • Refresh and roll out cultural awareness training, in consultation with local First Nations stakeholders
  • Training to be successfully completed by all employees and contractors at superintendent level or above across 29Metals
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