The best way for shareholders to receive shareholder communications and to stay informed about 29Metals matters is electronically.

We encourage all of our shareholders to choose electronic communications. To make the change, please go to 29Metals' share registry via Link's Investor Centre and follow the prompts.
Shareholders have the following rights in respect of how we send shareholder meeting documentation, annual reports and certain other documents:
Electronic communications are also the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way for us to communicate with shareholders.
  • A shareholder can make a standing election to be sent all documents in electronic form or physical form (we encourage you to choose electronic);
  • A shareholder can make a one-off request to be sent shareholder meeting documentation or the Annual Report in electronic or physical form; and
  • A shareholder can tell us that you do not want to be sent a copy of the Annual Report. You will, of course, always be able to access and read our Annual Reports on our website and the ASX announcements platform.
For shareholders that do not make an election for communication preference, 29Metals will send all communications in electronic form unless there is a legal requirement to do otherwise.