Capricorn Copper

Our Capricorn Copper mine is a high-grade copper and silver underground mine with multiple ore sources





2022 Mining Rate

1.7 Mtpa

Mining Leases

~1,900 km²

Mine Life

10+ years

Ore Reserves

16 Mt

As at 31 Dec 2022
golden grove

Impact of Extreme Weather Event at Capricorn Copper

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capricorn cooper maps
capricorn copper maps
Queensland, Australia

Overview & Asset Location

Copper mineralisation was first discovered in the area of Capricorn Copper in the 1880s.

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In 1969 Survey and Mining Limited acquired the mining rights for the area now known as Capricorn Copper and commenced development of the first Capricorn Copper deposit – Mammoth. Large-scale mining operations began from 1970 at Capricorn Copper, and included the construction of ore processing facilities and the first production of mineral concentrates.

Key Highlights

High-grade copper and silver operation located in a Tier-1 jurisdiction

with a growing production profile and further upside from latent mill capacity

10+ year mine life

supported by significant investment to improve productivity and operating conditions and materially extend future planning horizons

Multiple ore sources provide operational flexibility

and diversified production profile

Cobalt potential

with studies underway to evaluate recovery of the high-grade cobalt resource

In-mine and near-mine organic growth opportunities

opportunities and regional exploration potential

Exploration Opportunities

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